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    Cultural differences and Therapy

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    You have been working with an Iranian-born client for several months due to mild symptoms of anxiety following a traumatic incident he or she witnessed during a recent visit to Iran.

    This client often gets "off track" and discusses things that are not relevant to his or her anxiety. Sometimes things feel a little chatty, but you try to be flexible since your client seems to need some informal interaction to build a rapport due to culture differences.

    As a therapist how would you handle this type of situation and still keep thing on track, help your client with his mild symptoms of anxiety and still maintaining building a rapport?

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    As a therapist one of the primary goals is to establish and maintain rapport with clients while helping diminish symptomology. In the situation mentioned in your initial post, the Iranian-born client witnessed a traumatic incident while in Iran and as a result is suffering from symptomology associated with anxiety. The primary issue in regards to this situation is that when the client is in a therapy session that the overall chattiness of the environment prohibits progress from being made in regards to dealing with and coping with the traumatic incident. The primary methodology I would utilize would be to divide up the actual session ...

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