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    Discussion 2: Language and Cognition

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    Hi again, I need a guide. I believe I know what I want to say but I am not to sure if it is right. What is getting me confuse is neurological, deprivation.

    My father had a stroke about six years ago and that change is life forever and he as never been the same. One side needs help then the other side. He was homeless and living in a Convalescent Center. Now my other client she was four years old and got hit by a police car and was never the same. she is 60 years old and she loves barney with a passion. Has years pass for her she did have a stroke in life. This year in her day program. The owner of the day program told her she cannot bring barney here. She had a fit a very temper tantrum.

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    Hi again,
    I have provided an example below you may want to use or add to it.

    Many factors are required for a person to develop and utilize language successfully. In many cases, the development of language is adversely effected by uncontrollable circumstances in life.

    Environmental deprivation involves a human being deprived of his or her natural environment which involves contact with other humans. Children learn not only from the spoken words of others but from how they speak and the gestures used along with the words. Some children have unfortunately been raised in other environments that do help their ...

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    Language and cognition are examined. The expert discusses neurological deprivations.