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Validity of data interpretations

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I will be doing a study on Cooperative Learning in the educational field of psychology. I need help with describing at least two possible factors that might threaten the validity of data interpretations. How might the strategies resolve this challenge and why might each strategy be effective?

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Health care professionals, pharmacy workers are often decision makers in settings ranging from patient care to managed care to consulting the literature for information for current practice and guidelines, information literacy and applied literacy evaluation is a fundamental component of the doctor of pharmacy curriculum (p. 1). Obviously, the search for information for current library information would be a daunting task for one individual, as such a cooperation learning approach was initiated. Students introduced a tertiary drug information relevant to pharmacy practice through a cooperative learning task. They utilized a cooperative learning activity involving a drug information referral grid that could serve as a useful tool for future references and serve as a guideline when acquiring text for their own library (Earl, 2009).

Cooperative learning often involves groups of students who contribute to each other's learning process. The student interaction promised to lead to opportunities for improving communication skills. Improving grades, and collective problems. For example, the cooperative learning activity involved collecting incorporated information that require biomedical literature evaluation. Although the assignment grades improved based on the implementation of the what was referred to as a "jigsaw" activity in which students put the information into a grid until all the ...

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The solution involves an identification and description of two factors that threaten the validity of data interpretations.

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