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    Influx of information and test development

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    Validation is the joint responsibility of the test developer and the test user. The test developer is responsible for providing relevant evidence and a rationale in support of test score interpretation for specified users. In addition to the test developer, important contributions to the validity evidence may continue to accumulate as other researchers report empirical findings related to the meaning of scores on a given test. Note that as a test user, you are ultimately responsible for evaluating evidence available for the samples and settings for which you use the test.

    In the move from validity to validation, testing standards have shifted focus from standard measures of validity to specific and ongoing analyses of tests, their interpretations, and their applications.

    I admit that validation is far more useful through the enormous amount of information that comes from living our daily lives. This information is increasing at an ever-faster pace.

    Do you think that test developers can keep up on the validation with this new information? What are your thoughts?

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    This question has the capacity to be answered in a yes and no manner. The increase in information yields the potential for more attributions to accompany validation and interpretation. ...

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    This solution discusses whether the influx of information eliminates the ability to validate test development.