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The Client Centered Approach to Therapy

How does the humanistic, client-centered approach to therapy work? Provide an example

What are the goals of therapy according to this approach?

How would this perspective go about working with a difficult or unmotivated client? Provide an example

Use scholarly sources to support your answers. Provide examples. Cite your sources using APA format

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The humanistic, client centered approach to therapy works, by first establishing that the therapist and the patient or client, are partners in helping the individual to attain a more healthy mental state. In addition, this approach to therapy works by the therapist being very understanding and benevolent towards the client, in order to make the client comfortable with expressing themselves to the therapist, without the fear of the therapist being judgmental of the patient. The therapist then asks the patient questions that initiate the patient expressing their feelings and thoughts, and ...

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This solution describes key aspects of the client centered approach to therapy.