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    Writing an Assessment Report

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    Assessment Report

    This draft should include:

    Name and identifying information of the client.
    Reason for the referral.
    Methodology (that is how you obtained the information).
    Clinical history based on clinical interview (modified to fit a population with whom you would like to work).
    Test descriptions with results and interpretation of the WAIS-IV and WRAT-IV.

    Note that with the WAIS-IV results, you need to indicate how you obtained this information and what is pertinent for you. With the WRAT-IV, you need to convert the calculated scores into standard scores and write a paragraph with your interpretation of the scores.

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    I am glad to guide you in your questions regarding your report. However, your question is not clear as to what your case is nor what your question or clarification you are asking.

    Thus, I will give you an example and possible items you should include in your Assessment Report which your professor may be looking for.

    i) Name and Identifying information of the client- i.e. describe the physical features of the client that are pertinent to the case such as cultural background ie. Native American, South Asian American or has tattoos on her neck etc.
    - Other identifying features - earrings, nose rings etc. Dress, hairstyle, accent

    ii) Reason for referral- Is this a court ...

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    Outline of what is included in a psychological assessment report.