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    Describe an innovation in communication creating huge change

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    Using Facebook and Digital Libraries as an example of innovative communication technologies that changed the world, describe the technology used and how the world has changed due to this communication event. Support your statements with at least two examples

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    There are two technologies that, in my opinion, have changed the world remarkably. First, Facebook has changed who can find folks and connect with them that was not possible before this technology. My 51 year old single brother just reconnected with his girlfriend from high school who just happens to have come out of a long term marriage. They are having a whirlwind romance and will likely spend the rest of their days together. Prior to Facebook, this was only likely for those that kept up with their old boyfriends during decades of marriage -- how many would that be? Not ...

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    This response discusses two innovations in communication that, in my opinion (not based on research) changed the world and the everyday lives of many. Comments are in everyday language suitable for novices.