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    Describe the application of the Seven Guidelines for Innovation

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    Write a paper based on the assigned reading from Making Innovation Work. In your paper, describe the Seven Guidelines for Innovation.

    o Discuss the possible applications of the Seven Guidelines for Innovation in your organization or in an organization with which you are familiar.

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    Seven Guidelines for Innovation

    Innovation is about creating value for customers by ameliorating upon subsisting products and services (Barton, 1998). Innovation is not an invention rather it is an additive development of a subsisting product, service, or process which basically is driven out of a customer requirement or opportunity to comprehend a boost in value went through by customers. Innovation is an incessant mindset, which primarily is driven by customer penetrations. It is a value creation for customers or an improvement on what previously exists (Innovation through Customer Experience, 2009).

    In present each and every organization is trying to adopt innovation with different ways and means but our leaders and researchers believe that innovation cannot be followed by everyone as simply as it includes a number of challenging tasks but everyone can try to achieve innovation by following some peculiar guidelines of innovation, which are as follows:

    1. Innovation begins with you
    2. Innovation has to be customer-driven
    3. It can also start at small level.
    4. Build a structure
    5. Get a fresh point of view
    6. Allow for failure
    7. A small idea can have a huge impact (Innovation through Customer Experience, 2009).

    These seven guidelines for innovation can effectively be applied to the company, IBM for which I am working for ...

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