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Bi polar disorder defined and explained

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An integrative summary of Bipolar Disorder is implemented from a Social, Personality, Developmental and Humanistic Perspective.

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Bipolar Disorder can severely affect the over-all social: family, school, personal relationship, and work life of the bi polar patient's life.
Personality of the bi-polar individual plays a major factor is establishing the diagnosis of bi-polar disorder in a given individual. According to trait and type theories of personality, certain traits and a given type of the personality make-up or characteristics, can greatly pre- dispose a bi-polar-disorder-prone person to further develop it into a full-fledge disorder.
Much of the evidence for such a development surfaces in the initial interviewing of the bi-polar patient or observation of her/his behaviors that ...

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Bi polar disorder and treatment for the mental disorder - integrative approach based on family, school, personal relationship, and work life

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