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Pharmacotherapy vs. Psychotherapy

Compare pharmacotherapy (drug) therapy with at least one type of psychotherapy (for example, psychoanalysis, Cognitive Therapy, Rational Emotive therapy, etc.) for psychological disorders. Between the two, which do you think is more effective? Would this be the case for all disorders? Explain.

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Pharmacotherapy is the method of treating the symptoms of psychological disorders and addictions with the use of medications or drug therapy. This type of therapy focuses on treating the biological or chemical aspect of the body, and the concept of pharmacotherapy is that the best way to fix imbalances or drug differences in the body is by using drug therapy. Some pharmacists or pharmacologists feel that most disorders of the brain can be cured with the use of drugs (1). Because every person is different, and reacts differently to different medications, it can be difficult to determine what medication is going to work best on which client, and what strength of the ...

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Compares pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy.