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Philosophies of science and Scientific research methods

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Briefly explain to what extent to which you agree with Creswell's alignment of philosophies of science with the Mixed Methods approachesâ?"pragmatic or Qualitative approaches--constructivist or Quantitative approaches--postpositivist. Also, the alignment of empiricism, interpretivism, and the critical theory with Mixed Methods approachesâ?"pragmatic or Qualitative approaches--constructivist or Quantitative approaches--postpositivist ; and a justification of this alignment. Creswell's Alignment of the 3 Research Approaches are:

Qualitative approaches--constructivist
Quantitative approaches--postpositivist
Mixed Methods approaches--pragmatic

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. In this particular paper, it appears to me that you are being asked to assess the ideas of John W Creswell. In particular, you are supposed to declare whether or not you believe he is right. Thus, it is an opinion paper but you must also justify why you have that view. I suggest the following outline:

1. John Creswell and His alignment of philosophies - what is this paper about? Here, explain John Creswell's ideas. Also indicate that you are exploring his claims to see if they agree with your own views or otherwise. About 250 words.
2. Alignment 1 - explore and then relate this particular alignment, about 200 words.
3. Alignment 2 - as above.
4. Alignment 3 - as above.
5. Conclusion - provide a summary of your views, about 150 words.

This outline should yield around 1,000 words which should provide you a 2-3 page paper. Don't forget to indicate your references if you are going to use any. The narrative below explores the alignments providing an opinion on each. It is actually an exemplification of how numbers 2-4 can be completed. Good luck with your studies.

OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

Alignment 1 - Mixed methods as a pragmatic approach

For Creswell, Mixed methods approach is a pragmatic way of looking to scientific investigations. There are certain topics in the social sciences that would be better studied using both qualitative and quantitative theories or elements from them. We know that the qualitative method is about putting together messy details to put together enough data from which to discern patterns to explain and understand a social phenomenon. We also know that quantitative methods quantify via 'structured' experiments (following the scientific method) and design using surveys, statistics, published studies and materials, samplings, interviews and other quantifiable resources. Qualitative method as an approach is most applicable in ethnography and ethnomethodology while the quantitative approach is best fitted for 'social studies that need measurement' like in economic studies, sociological surveys and political studies. When scientists use mixed methods it is then easy to assume that the social phenomenon they are studying do ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the problem (see above) on the topic of John Creswell's alignment of the philosophies of science and the methods of research (mixed, qualitative, quantitative). Opinion is provided on the matter of Creswell's alignment and a discussion on each alignment is provided. resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word version is also attached.

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Creswell has aligned certain philosophies of science with each of the three research approaches: Qualitative approaches-constructivist; Quantitative approaches-postpositivist and Mixed Methods approaches-pragmatic.

To what extent do you agree with Creswell's alignment of these philosophies with these approaches? How flexible is such alignment? For example, can a qualitative approach ever be postpositivist? With which approaches would you align empiricism, interpretivism, and critical theory? For example, does empiricism align with a quantitative approach, a qualitative approach, a mixed methods approach, or more than one approach? How would you support your choices of alignment?

Please give current references.

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