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Discuss: Psysiological Psychology

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In the brain, most excitatory communication in synapses occurs by way of glutamate and most inhibitory communication occurs by way of gamma-aminobutyric acid. In general terms, describe what the other neurotransmitters do.

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Acetylcholine is responsible for a great deal of the stimulation of muscles, and these muscles include the muscles of the gastro-intestinal system. Acetylcholine also helps in organizing REM or dream sleep and is found in sensory neurons and in the autonomic nervous system. It is thought that the loss of acetylcholine could be a major cause of senility and is associated with Alzheimer's (1).

Norepinephrine increases the blood pressure and heart rate and is released into the blood stream by the adrenal glands. ...

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Discusses what the neurotransmitters do in the human brain.

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