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Self-Destructive Behavior of the Adolescent Girl

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These areas are emphasized:

1. What is the problem these behaviors attempt to address?

2. What is the solution that these behaviors attempt to achieve?

3. Why are female adolescents especially likely to engage in these behaviors?

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The expert examines the self destructive behaviors of the adolescent girl.

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There are a variety of possible explanations for the underlying causes for these behaviors. Often times there is a definite mental illness which could be keyed in on as the primary reason. These behaviors can be just "symptoms" of a disorder.

Clinical psychologists also believe that these behaviors could be a physical expression of internal pain. By that I mean that, the person is in some mental distress and the only way they know to express there distress to others is through physical trauma.

As with any anti-social / abnormal behavior in adolescents, there is also a chance that it is purely an ...

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