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    Intervention Plan for a Student with ADHD

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    I need to develop a intervention plan for a child with ADHD. The child is an eight year old child who exhibits moderate hyperactivity. she has difficulty attending to lessons and meeting time at school and easily forgets instructions and do not complete assignments appropriately. She is a warm and loving child but frequently becomes impulsive which results in pushing or grabbing another child. She wants to make friends and play but due to her inability to control her impulses and the fear of her aggression, other children refuse to play with her.

    She is chosen first for all sports in school by her gym teacher because she learns quickly, runs fast, and is excellent at excelling in any sport. She is number one at playing structured sports. She resides with both parents and have a secure attachment to them. Her parents admit that her forgetfulness and impulsivity is trying at times. They say she forgets to put her homework in her bag to return to school the next day. Her parents also says that she stays in trouble at home do to her forgetfulness. For example, she left her hamster cage open, she forgot to close it and the hamster was lost roaming around the house for two days. Her parents are concerned about her social developmentment,and lack of friends in her peer group.

    I am thinking that this child needs a more structured school setting and may benefit from therapy that teaches her how to control her impulses, and get along with other children. I am not sure how to address the cognitive issues at home and school, or how to develop an intervention plan that will include the parents and child.

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    I am a behavior specialist who works on developing behavior intervention plans for children, so I hope I can help with this. There are many interventions that can be put in place for a child with ADHD; I'll give you some ideas.

    First of all, children with ADHD can benefit from direct social skills instruction. Some schools have a program for this, and there are some excellent books and workbooks that can help the child improve her awareness of appropriate social behavior. There is a very good workbook and program called "Stop - Think - Act", which basically teach children to stop and think about something before they do it.

    This child can probably function in a regular education classroom with some modifications. For ...

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    A detailed intervention plan for a child with ADHD who has difficulties with social skills, focus, hyperactivity, and forgetfulness. Plan focuses of interventions that can be used in the regular education classroom and home settings.