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Piaget’s Cognitive Theory: Memory And Cognition

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How are memories linked to and how do they work together with cognition and cognitive development in Piaget's theory?

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This solution discusses how memory links to cognition and cognitive development, according to Piaget's theory. Piaget proposes that cognitive development occurs as a product of a child's biological maturation and their interaction with their environment and that children play an active role in their cognitive development.

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Piaget's cognitive theory stresses that children are born with a basic mental structure that helps to structure their subsequent learning based on the knowledge they acquire. Piaget also theorized that cognitive development was a continuing restructuring of mental processes as a product of a child biologically maturing as well as their experiences from their environment. He believed that children build an understanding of the world around them by their experiences and through the development of schemas, which organize the knowledge acquired and help them relate to the world around them. These ...

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