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Ethical Decision-Making Case

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Can someone help with an explanation of the ethical dilemmas involved in the case study below? Based on the attached ethical decision-making, can someone help me with what might be done by using one of the decision-making models attached, the possible outcomes for each individual in the case, and the benefits and limitation of the model selected.

Case Story

You are in your sixth year teaching undergraduate psychology. You teach abnormal psychology course every term, and through students' reflective papers, you learn a great deal about their backgrounds. Every year, it seems that a particular student becomes attached to you, frequently attending your open office hours and lingering to talk to you long after the official open office period is over. This year is no different. One young lady, Laura, frequently comes to you after class to ask questions about Applications. One afternoon, she suggests that you go to a restaurant to continue the conversation. Against your better judgment, you agree. Soon, Laura has had several adult beverages. She begins to cry and tells you details about her personal problems. She says she has been depressed, is having trouble with her parents, and is failing other classes. You recall that one of her first papers mentioned a suicide attempt and you start to panic. You did some role-playing in crisis counseling years ago in your master's program but you never pursued licensure or clinical training. You suspect that Laura is telling you these things because she views you as an expert and feels she needs professional help.

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This solution describes ethical decision making based on Fischer's Eight-Step Decision making Model.

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Hi student,

I would consider Fisher's Eight-step Ethical Decision-making model. Based on the model, Fisher has proposed the model to aid psychologists and practitioners. The model emphasizes following the American Psychological guidelines and/or standards that require ethical planning and decision making. As student teacher of psychology, the teacher also has an obligation to follow APA standards in her behavior.

*An Overview of Fisher's Ethical Decision-making Model

The first step in the model emphasizes doing what is right. Based on the American Psychological Association's (APA) ethical principles, morally psychologists/practitioners are required to do good, avoid harm to others, and warn of any impending danger or injury to others (APA Principle A). A student teacher would also have "a duty to warn the appropriate authorities if she believed someone is in danger of doing harm to self or others. The second step suggests following APA guidelines.

The third step of Fisher's model requires the teacher to gather additional facts. Here the teacher (since she is not an expert), should consult with her supervisor regarding the next step for the specific ethical situation. Given the scenario in the case study, the teacher's ...

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