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Developing a Good Survey

It takes time to understand the meaning of survey tests and we all have a natural inclination to try to figure out what they are asking for on a test! These tests are now being created in the thousands so it is actually a growing area for employment.

Within the interest and attitude category, many political organizations and advertising companies send out thousands of surveys. It is sometimes very difficult to get people to even be willing to complete a test or survey for a researcher, which affects the validity of the norming sample. I used two surveys for my dissertation. I used really expensive style of paper and a taped one dollar to every survey! It cost me over one thousand dollars just for one survey to be collected. My research analyzed the relationship between school climate, principal leadership characteristics, and state testing scores (Garner, 1990).
I used 3 school districts in Southern California which included 30 schools. Surveys were placed into the boxes of every teacher in all 30 schools (by me). There was a brief explanation of my research, basically begging people to complete the anonymous survey and send it back to me in a self-addressed, stamped envelope. I was very lucky to have a 70% return rate!
Most people on the street will say no to a survey. That response rate is usually about 10%. There are some consumer research companies who are becoming very sophisticated about survey completion. One such company is called, "Synovate". They actually have people all over the country and the world who sign up to take surveys all the time. I actually did a little testing for this company. It was a bit weird. They found adults for me and then we would connect at a local library so I could give them the test. It was pretty simple, brief work for some quick money. They seemed to be a very reputable, professional organization.
If anyone is into testing research, start keeping a list of companies who hire researchers. They probably take all levels of degrees. (bachelors, masters, doctorate). I looked on the Synovate job website and they had positions open in Europe and the United States!

How could a survey be given to encourage people to take it and be honest? Has anyone taken an advertising or political survey? And how did you feel about it after taking it?

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I think that one of the best ways by which a survey could be given to encourage people to take it and to be honest, is for the survey to be as short as possible, ...

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