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    Action research in school culture

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    Please provide your opinion on the following articles.

    Higgins, N. A. N. C. Y. (2005). Changing school culture through action research and leadership. Waikato Journal of Education, 11(2), 17-36.

    Andrews, D., Nonnecke, B., & Preece, J. (2003). Electronic survey methodology: A case study in reaching hard-to-involve Internet users. International journal of human-computer interaction, 16(2), 185-210.

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    Hello and welcome to Brain Mass tonight! You logged in and asked for my opinion on these two articles!

    The first one that I read was Electronic Survey Methodology: A Case Study in Reaching Hard-to-Involve Internet Users by Dorine Andrews was a case study on using the Internet to conduct quantitative research. It was an interesting perspective which compared paper surveys to electronic ones, and I found some of her data to be quite interesting although outdated. For example, she feels that electronic surveys' delivery and design directly affect "design, use, and implementation." In other words, in order for an electronic survey to be successful, its design, the participants privacy, subjects chosen to participate, distribution methods, response rate, and survey piloting must be implemented correctly in order to be successful. In my opinion, this would be true for any survey not just electronic ones. She also feels that paper surveys cannot completely be adapted to electronic formats which I tend to disagree with as anything on paper can be transcribed to an electronic format.

    The case study focused on ...

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