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Stress Among Prison Staff

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What contemporary problems exist within the U.S. corrections system? What drug laws have most significantly impacted the corrections system? What issues exist with regard to staff members and the stressful environments of the correctional facilities? What is the concept of officer burnout?
What role might court decisions play in the way the shift supervisor perceives working at the jail facility?How have the courts affected inmate population and the administration of jails and prisons? Is cynicism common in corrections? In criminal justice generally? In most other occupations?

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The stresses among prison staff is determined.

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Hello Student,

My background and experience are in corrections administration so I feel comfortable with leading you in the right direction in responding to your instructor's questions. Let's take each question in the order that they are listed.

1. What contemporary problems exist within the U.S. corrections system?
Contemporary problems infer that your instructor is looking for present day problems that exist with the U.S. corrections system. The most obvious would be prison overcrowding. Here's a few others that I would suggest: elderly prisoners, female prisoners, the mentally ill prisoners, sexual offenders, physically disabled prisoners and death row inmates. All of the aforementioned are current day. A search through the criminal justice database should produce a significant number of scholarly journal articles on each topic. Use the most current research, preferably from the last 5 years.

2. What drug laws have most significantly impacted the corrections system?
The simple answer is 'all of them'. The so-called 'war on drugs' ...

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