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Dealing with Staff Reductions and Layoffs in Prisons

What are your reservations about staff reduction efforts? What can a manager, do to become more confident in facing reduction in workforce issues?

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What are your reservations about staff reduction efforts?

Potential reservations or concerns that a manager faced with cutting staff might have are outlined below:

• Determining which staff to cut and which to keep.
• Figuring out how to reassign remaining staff/employees who are not cut so that all prison roles and responsibilities are still adequately covered after reducing staff.
• Maintaining a safe and secure environment within the prison after reducing staff. This includes how to continue maintaining authority and control over inmates with fewer staff to watch over them.
• Maintaining cooperation among prison workers. Once word gets out about the layoffs, prison staff might feel competitive with one another as each tries to prove they should be retained rather than let go. But in a prison environment it is critical that staff ...

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This library solution lists several concerns a prison manager might face when having to layoff staff. Suggestions for becoming more confident as a manager despite cutting staff are also offered.