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Coping with stress as a counselor

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Explain how you will cope with stress as a counselor. Be clear about what you feel will cause you the most stress as a counselor. Discuss how coping with stress is related to ethics.

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Using personal as well as scholarly research, this solution offers a perspective of coping with stress as a counselor.

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As a counselor, one should deal with stress very delicately. A counselor will obviously have concerns and feel the pressure when dealing with various individuals and various problems on a daily basis. Just having to deal with another persons problems can cause anyone stress. As a counselor, you have to learn how to manage their problems, provide them with advise, all at the same time as dealing with your own issues and concerns that might be brought up during any counseling session.

A counselor must take steps to cope with stress and learn ways to deal with the same otherwise it may lead to their career being diminished and their home life suffering because of the same.

"Empirical studies support the theory that counselors who work with the trauma of others ...

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