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    The Effect of Ageism on Healthy Development

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    Please help with coming up with an explanation of how ageism might affect the Marcus case. Include any potential mental, economic, and physical health challenges the client may be facing and assumptions the client may have. How might these challenges affect the client? Finally, how might a counselor intervene on behalf of the client in this scenario?

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    (1) Help me in coming up with an explanation of how ageism might affect Marcus? Include any potential material economic and physical health challenges that the client may be facing and assumptions that the client may have.

    Researchers note that the changes that take place within stages of human growth and development are marked by the interaction of physical, cognitive, personality and social changes. Utilizing Erickson's psychosocial theory for an explanation, these changes have emotional and social influences on human development. . Erickson developed "Lifespan and identity stages" that characterized psychological and social processes reflecting how ageism can affect human development. For example, Erickson's eighth and final stage (integrity vs. despair) based on his psychosocial stages characterized late adulthood, from 55 to 65 to death (Harder, 2002). According to Erikson, crises can occur at any particular point along this lifespan continuum as a function of psychosocial factors that he referred to as "hazard of existence" (Harder, 2002, p. 149). For instance, during this stage the individual can look back on his or her life with integrity, "pleasant and present pursuits are in keeping with life goals" (Friedman, 2006, p. 150).

    (2) How might these challenges affect the client?

    The continuity of development called for in Erickson's stages throughout the life cycle indicates that a person must ...

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    This solution discusses a specific case in relation to the eight stage of Erikson's psychosocial theory.