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    Workplace Scenario Overview

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    These areas are covered hypothetically:

    a. In preparation for this assignment, identify a workplace situation that needs improvement. This situation can illustrate the relationships between you and your co-workers, you and your subordinate(s), you and your manager(s), or two or more co-workers excluding yourself.
    b. Prepare a 700 word paper in which you provide an overview of your selected workplace situation. Your overview should address the following:
    1) Describe the situation.
    2) Explain the reason(s) why the situation needs to be improved.
    3) Describe the different individuals associated with the situation and their personalities.

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    As you prepare for your assignment, please allow my ideas to help. Once you write your draft, please send to us for editing and feedback:

    As you first identify a workplace situation that needs improvement, you might list and overview how a chosen workplace situation involves co-workers forming groups or cliques, almost like high schoolers. You might suggest that their behavior is unsettling and detrimental because it destroys the overall work morale and makes other workers feel excluded. You can cite how this empowered clique group is also overtly favored by the boss, which again makes other workers feel less valued, more angry, and unhappy at work. You might argue that this situation illustrates relationships between and co-workers and also boss to co-worker hierarchies.

    1. As you first describe your workplace situation, please note how it affects workers physically, emotionally, and socially. Because of the imbalance of power, you might cite how you and other co-workers feel ...

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    Hypthetical scenarios are created to articulate workplace conflicts.