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Why Join a Professional Organization?

Can you describe why it is important for you to become a member of a professional organization such as, American Psychological Association or American Counseling Association. Based on any article, can you discuss a current issue that is affecting the field of counseling.

A minimum of 250 words or more and please provide references

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Joining a professional organization, such as the American Psychological Association or American Counseling Association, and many others, comes with immeasurable benefits. To start, you can join a number of these organizations as a student, educator, or professional. As a student, you can pick-up information, attend conferences, present research, and meet other student in the field. An educator member usually presents current research, helps answers questions, and collaborates with others on similar topics. Professional members of an association are looking for information on current research, ...

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This solution discusses the benefits and negatives of joining a professional orgainization. The text contains 325 words and a reference.