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Variables and Research Results

What do you think when my classmate answers the question: What impact does this difference have on causal inferences? Please give and example of each.

My classmate wrote:

" The impact that this has on causal inferences, from my understanding, is when you have a specific group through the natural group design, one must consider more than just the specific individual differences variables. For example-lets say you take two specific groups, first group is male, and second is female, both groups must give their opinion on lets say our current president. When both groups have presented their opinions, and yes or no answers to.... Do you think our president is doing a good gob thus far? have to consider more variables that control their opinions and answers than just male group or female group. You must consider social network, culture, ethical views, geographical location, employment...and a number of other factors that play into a man's or a woman's opinion and answer."

Please let me know you comment on this answer.

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Yes, this answer makes sense. Whenever you have groups that are selected based on pre-existing differences (e.g. gender, age, nationality) instead of some manipulated ...

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