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Tips Essential For Online Success

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How do I best approach taking a course offered online? What are some study tips essential to success when taking online courses?

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This solution provides some essential tips for students taking on-line courses, which will help the student be highly successful.

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See attachment for suggested study tips, which are also presented below. These suggestions reduce stress and increase the likelihood of succeeding through the use of organization, time management, and other skills essential to academic performance and success.

1. How do I best approach taking a course offered online? What are some study tips essential to success when taking online courses?

Succeeding with On-line Courses

Succeeding in an on-line course is no different than succeeding in a face-to-face classroom. You still must:
· focus your attention
· be organized
· use your time wisely
· take responsibility for your learning
· be self-directed
· be willing to work and participate
· communicate effectively

Today's courses are making a shift from the passive learner model?where the student sits quietly in the classroom to the active learner model?where students interact and collaborate with one another. What does this mean for you? - Participation is essential for everyone involved.

Tips on Time Management

What we know from research is that there is usually an adjustment period for most students as they learn the rhythm and patterns of on-line communication. Here are some tips for getting comfortable:
· Do take time to review the available help files and documentation.
· Do spend some time just navigating your way through the class?learn the functions of the buttons on your screen.
· Do manage your time. You'll find that your time management skills will be critical in an on-line class. It's very easy to spend either far too little time or far too ...

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