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self-management behavioral contract

Ideas to form a self-management behavioral contract are included.

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Hi, this sounds like a really interesting activity! I am a psychologist so I have a few ideas of how to tackle this and suggestions that you may find useful.

Okay, so you need to develop a self-management behavioural contract, and you have decided to focus on managing your time better. This seems like a realistic goal and one that will help in your day to day life, so its a good choice.

b). The goal is better time management. As I have said this is an attainable goal as its not too big. How is this goal going to be measured? I would suggest that this is a measurable goal as you can set yourself targets (such as you will have 45 minutes for lunch, 1 hour for reading time etc, etc) and then measure if you have achived these targets. This can be done either by a simple 'yes/no' (and therefore would be a dicotomous variable) measure or on a Likert scale (0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4) with 0 being totally failed (no lunch) and 4 being achieved (45 minutes lunch).

Why do you think this is a positive goal? I ...

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Tips for a self-management behavioral contract are provided.