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B.F. Skinner's Behavioral Theory

I need assistance writing a narrative on stability, contrallability, self-image, success in academic tasks, and applicability of behavioral theory to adult education in relationship to B.F. Skinner's Behvorial Theory. Provide sources.

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I happen to be reading all sorts of learning theories this week, so thanks for asking this question!

First, let me give you a link to a handy website that gives an overview of various learning theories, including behaviorism: http://www.learning-theories.com/. I would not suggest citing this website, but using it for a better understanding of what you read in textbooks or academic journals. It provides some good definitions and is sort of a launching pad.

In your question, you specify "stability, controllability, self-image, success in academic tasks and applicability of behavior theory to adult education". I happened to have Skinner's book, About Behaviorism, sitting on my desk so I opened it to the index to look up "stability, controllability, self-image." I then dictated what I found into a Word document that should be word-for-word what is in the book. (Dictating it was easier than scanning it.) The document is attached.

Regarding "controllability," Skinner's only ...

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B.F. Skinner's behavioral theory is explained in detail.