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Satir's model

Of the many approaches to family counselling ,this job lists some good reasons for preferring to choose Satir's Human Validation Process Model.

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Let's see if we can, together, come up with a few ideas with respect to the Satir's model. Like all therapeutic approaches and Satir's is no different, all approaches have one thing in common, namely to change behavior of the individual or group. Family therapy, in general attempts to accomplish the following and often recommended in the following situations:

Treatment of a family member with schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder (MPD). Family therapy helps other family members understand their relative's disorder and adjust to the psychological changes that may be occurring in the relative.

Families with problems across generational boundaries. These would include problems caused by parents sharing housing with grandparents, or children being reared by grandparents.

Families that deviate from social norms (common-law relationships, gay couples rearing children, etc.). These families may not have internal problems but may be troubled by outsiders' judgmental attitudes.

Families with members from a mixture of ...

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Satir's model is applied.