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    Primary Determinant of Job Performance

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    We've studied some aspects of motivation. We've discussed personality. Finally, we've discussed job characteristics. Which of these, in your opinion, is the primary determinant of performance in most jobs? Support your decision with anecdotes drawn from your personal experience, the experiences of others, and (most important of all!) the material you read and studied throughout this course.

    As before, you should make use of at least six sources, suitably cited and referenced. These sources should include selections from the motivation, personality, and job design literature.

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    All of these three factors do play a crucial part in their own right. Individual motivation, personality of the employee and the employer-mandated or field-required job characteristics have to be a good match for a given individual to work efficiently in a work place.
    For instance, if someone's academic training and more importantly, personal commitment is to the field of teaching or research, then that professional will excel at work in an organization (college or research organization), where the person can exert influence in directing the focus of the research s/he may want to carry out.
    For it to be successful an endeavor for the individual the organization must offer a job description which will be a good match for the kind of autonomy that the researcher seeks for her/him to flourish at the work place. The motivation factor is obviously not to be doubted since the individual is committed to the research field and wants to do real research which can benefit the organization and the society at large.
    Intrinsic motivation and key attractive incentives and work place values or ...

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