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Petit Mal Seizures

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How do petit mal seizures cause damage to brain structures? How might brain plasticity play a role in recovery from petit mal seizures?

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A petit mal seizure is a temporary disturbance of brain function caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain and characterized by abrupt, short-term lack of conscious activity ("absence") or other abnormal change in behavior.
Repeated stimulation of the pathways of the limbic, cortex, subcortical and brain stem regions (either chemically or electrically) induces a progressive sequence of long-lasting cellular and molecular alterations at all levels of biological organization in neural circuits, from gene transcription to patterns of neuronal connectivity (Sutula, 2004). Therefore, it can be assumed that seizures have an effect on the entire body, commensurate with the idea of neural plasticity

Anti-convulsant medication is mostly prescribed for individuals suffering from seizures. They may slow psychomotor development and following successful surgical treatment, these drugs may be stopped. But the corresponding slowness is overcome due to the ability of different parts of the brain to adapt to new responsibilities.

Petit mal seizures usually occur in childhood. Due to the sudden bursts of ...

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