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    The Law of Dulong and Petit states

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    The Law of Dulong and Petit states that the heat capacity per mole of many metals is approximately 6.0 calories per mole-degree C. Knowing that the specific heat capacity of three metals in Joules per gram-degree C is 0.45 for Fe, 0.24 fo Ag, and 0.13 for Au, do these metals agree with the law of Dulong and Petit? How do you know this? Using your understanding of bonding in metals, explain why this law appears to hold.

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    If you look at your question you will notice that the units of heat capacity and specific heat capacity are different . One is in cals/mole -degree while the other is in Joules/gram-degree. If we multiply the figures you have given with the atomic weights we get the molar specific heat capacities ...

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    This solution provides a description of whether various metals agree with the law of Dulong and Petit.