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    Metal Heating

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    Given that:
    Initial temperature of metal: 20c
    Final temperature of metal: 100c
    Initial temperature of water from calorimeter: 20c
    Final water temperature from calorimeter: 28c

    1. What is estimate of specific heat for metal? (use 1 cal/gm°C for water)

    2. What is estimate the atomic weight of metal?

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    1) Let specific heat for metal = s cal/gm/degree C
    Hence, Heat energy per unit mass:
    (T1f - T1i)*s1 = ...

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    Specific heat for metal = s cal/gm/degree C,
    Hence, Heat energy per unit mass is (T1f - T1i)*s1 = (T2f - T2i)*s2 where, T represents temperature, and i and f stand for initial and final .