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Important information about psychopathology

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What is psychopathology? How has the field evolved during the past 100 years?

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Psychopathology refers to the study of mental illness or the manifestation of behaviors and experiences which may be indicative of mental illness or psychiatric impairment.

At the turn of the 20th century, psychoanalysis began to develop. It came to the forefront later. During this period, asylum superintendents sought to improve the image and medical status of their profession. Asylum inmates were now being referred to as patients and asylums were renamed as hospitals. Referring to people as having the psychopathology of mental illness dates back form this period in the early 20th century. It was also during this time that the term "mental health" became more popular. Clinical psychology and social work developed as professions alongside psychiatry. Theories of eugenics led to compulsory sterilization movements in many countries around the world for several decades, often encompassing patients in mental institutions. It was during World War 1 that there was a massive increase in conditions that came to be termed as "shell ...

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In this solution psychopathology is discussed. It also includes the ways in which the field has evolved during the past century.