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    Psychopathology Diagnosis of Mental Disorders

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    Presently I am majoring in psychology with a specialization into clinical psychology. I have just started taking an introduction to psychopathology course. This course examines the assessment of various forms of psychopathology. In the course, I will review the etiology of psychopathology, the diagnostic criteria, and common diagnostic processes for assessing the most common psychological disorders. The political and cultural aspects of mental disorders, emerging diagnoses, and other contemporary issues are also addressed.

    The primary manual for psycho-diagnostics in the United States, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition: DSM-5 by American Psychiatric Association is the main text.
    Here are the Course Competencies

    To successfully complete this course, I will be expected to:
    1. Apply diagnostic criteria in the major categories of DSM-5.
    2. Evaluate the current diagnostic system.
    3. Analyze the methodological, research, historical, and political aspects of diagnosis with sensitivity to cultural, diversity, and ethical principles of the field.
    4. Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.

    1) What are one or two specific goals that you think I should want to accomplish by the end of this course?

    2) Could you briefly describe how this course could contribute to my career goals as a clinical psychologist?

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    1) What are one or two specific goals that you think I should want to accomplish by the end of this course?

    The study of psychopathology is essentially the study of mental disorders. However, what most people do not understand initially in regards to psychopathology is that psychopathology also includes the study of how aspects of mental health contribute or cause mental or behavioral disorders. Ultimately, as a student of clinical psychology psychopathology can be one of the most important courses that you will ...

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    The DSM-5 is primarily used to assist with the diagnosis of mental disorders. The benefits associated with the DSM-5 and clinical psychology are discussed.