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Glass Ceiling Effect - Career Counseling

As managers assess the quality of the worker, they are responsible for judging how well the candidate's attributes will contribute to the success of the business overall. The attributes that are considered ideal to success in corporate upper management are negatively correlated with societal views on "feminine attributes". For this reason, it is thought that women face discrimination both in omission and commission

Educators and counselors at all levels and even some parents have been found to ignore or discredit a female's attempts to pursue what is considered a male career. These attempts may even be actively discouraged, albeit in sometimes subtle ways (Brown & Lent, 2005). Can you discuss in a paragraph what Brown and Lent or someone else says on how educators lead women into different career paths, specifically.

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Educators lead women into different career paths by emphasizing more successful career paths and de-emphasizing less likely successful career paths for women. For example, while both men and women can become doctors, women may be ...

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The solution discusses how educators lead women into different career paths.