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Developing a Case Study

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Put your own case study together. In the first two paragraphs, you will describe a case you want to work with, be it someone who suffers from depression, a child, or substance abuse. From here you will use the forms under DocSharing to put an actual case file together on this person. You will use the following forms:

Social History
(1) Release of Information Form
(3) Client Case/Contact Notes
Discharge Summary
You will fill in all of the information as if this were an actual case file that you were presenting to your supervisor for review before the state came in for their review of the clinic

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I am not sure what forms you have, so I have included forms that I have. I am not sure which type of client you want to choose, so I will just choose a case scenario and begin filling out these forms to demonstrate how to proceed with them. You will want to add to these. This is just to give a start. If you choose a different scenario, this should demonstrate how to proceed.

Case Study of Sam
Sam is a forty-two-year-old Swedish American. Both of his parents were from Sweden and settled in a Swedish community in the Midwest of the United States. When his parents divorced, his father moved to California, and Sam's mother moved Sam and his brother to a neighboring town. They have lived in the same house ever since, and Sam still lives with his mother. Sam's older brother has long been moved out to another state, and get together on the holidays.
Sam was relatively popular throughout school, with a continuous sense of humor. When Sam was seventeen, he smoked marijuana one time and became very afraid. It took over a month before he wanted to leave his house. He would read the same sentences over again, because they made no sense to him. After the month, Sam regained his focus and was able to be social again, leaving his home. However, there would be times when Sam would become very afraid. He felt very uncomfortable sleeping in any bed other than his own, and many times could not leave town due to his fears. He was driving out of town with his girlfriend about five years ago, and became very fearful and reportedly "started freaking out"? so they pulled over and went back home. Since that incident he is so afraid that he does not even try to drive past the town limits.
His fears of repeated episodes has greatly reduced his opportunities for employment, social engagements, and has caused many ...

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A case study for someone with Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia is filled out and described as an example of how to assemble one.