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Definitions and examples of abnormal behavior

This scenario is considered:

Think about a perfectly normal grown man who sticks wildly colored feathers all over his body and dances up and down the middle of the main street of a large city. How would you categorize such a man? Remember, context is everything! Think about this fellow for just a moment. Would you think he was crazy, suffering with a psychological disorder, nutty, or _______? Have you ever watched footage of Mardi Gras, the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, or the Philadelphia Mummers' Parade? If you have, then the above scenario doesn't seem as "crazy" anymore. Many cultures reserve special days for public celebrations in which violations of the accepted norms of behavior are temporarily tolerated.

This solution writes about behaviors that you have witnessed that might be considered abnormal if the context were not taken into consideration. If you cannot think of anything, think about books or movies that might have examples you can share.

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RESPONSE: I would categorize this individual as "a perfectly normal adult male" dancing, decorated with feathers as in the example of a cultural festival or parade. There may be no such thing as "normal" on this planet. However, everything does appear to exist in opposites (male/female, white/black and other colors, rich/poor, north/south, east/west, etc). For every "right" (normal/typical/regular) perhaps there is also a left or "wrong" (abnormal/atypical/irregular). Jointly, there are also "above" and "below" averages, numbers, species, and so ...

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This job offers real world examples as well as personal definitions of abnormal behavior. References also appear to validate the response.