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David Rosenham experiment

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David Rosenhan

Summarize, briefly, David Rosenhan's experiment after reading his summary of his article. Then, discuss the impact of being diagnosed with a psychological disorder. What are some of the pros and the cons of being "labeled"? Cite evidence from Rosenhan's article or from other sources to support your claims.

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Rosenhan's experiment consisted of two studies. The first was to send eight sane people (a psychology graduate student, three psychologists, a paediatrician, a psychiatrist, a painter, and a housewife) to a psychiatric ward in hospitals claiming to hear voices in an attempt to be admitted. Once admitted, they stopped simulating any symptoms of abnormality, and kept a record of everything that happened to them during their stay. They were all given medication, most of which was never taken, they attended ward activities, and spoke to staff and patients as they normally would. When the staff asked them how they were feeling, they would say they were fine and no longer experienced the symptoms; however, they were not released. They were all told that they would be released when they convinced the staff they were sane. After a while, they openly started taking the notes, some of the patients suspected they were ...

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This solutions discusses David Rosenhan's experiment in which labeling was used to determine if sane people would be diagnosed with a psychological disorder simply because they had been labeled with one.