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career interview questions

1. What was your inspiration in choosing this profession? Do you have any regrets? Why did you choose this level of clientele over adults?

2. What are the profession's greatest benefits to you personally and professionally? Discuss its greatest challenges both personally and professionally?

3. Discuss some of your experiences with clients' diversity (age, gender, ethnicity)? What are some possible challenges?

4. In terms of interventions, which types of therapies and strategies do you most commonly employ? Which are the most effective theorists that you incorporate into your sessions?

5. What are the most common problems and issues affecting your clients (children) currently? How are these problems or trends different from years past?

6. What is your philosophy or mission when working with kids between the ages of 3ys.-12yrs?

7. How do you maintain an empathetic yet detached stance in order to not become overly personally involved with clients? How do you maintain that fine line?

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1. Because I came from a home where dysfunction and abuse prevailed, I knew that I wanted to teach, mentor, and counsel others. Thus, my inspiration in choosing this profession came from my own personal background. I want to help other kids to overcome the emotional turmoil that I faced.

In terms of any regrets, when I am working with a really severe case of abuse or neglect, my heart becomes heavy. It is hard to remain detached and professional when an innocent life is at stake. It affects my heart, making me very sad and sometimes burdened spiritually. It is a job where we work with real people, precious lives, not merely numbers.

I chose this level of clientele over adults because I feel like I am make the ...

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