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Social Significance and Detriment of Certain Behaviors

One of the main goals of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is to modify and change behaviors that are detrimental to an individual's growth, development, and/or functioning. Now you will work on deciding the appropriate behavior to target. identify a socially significant behavior and discuss the following:

- Why this particular behavior is socially significant
- How the presence of this behavior has been detrimental to your client's life
- How eliminating this behavior will help to improve your client's life

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Prior to answering the question I think it is critical to identify what applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is and what it does. ABA is defined as follows:

The scientific study of providing reinforcers for acceptable behavior, and removing reinforcers for unacceptable behavior, which alters and forms behaviors within human beings.

Applied behavioral analysis is the modern vernacular for what was formally called ...

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Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is a method that allows the barriers to unwanted behaviors to be altered, thereby allowing new socially acceptable behaviors to occur. This solution provides a complete explanation and provides an example of the condition. In addition, the solution contains in-text citations and a reference.