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Psychology and an Effective Classroom Learning Environment

What are three factors related to an effective classroom learning environment? What is one factor that can work against an effective environment? Analyze one way educational psychology might inform the learning environment.

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One factor for an effective classroom learning environment is a safe and productive environment in which to learn. It is important for the classroom to have a set of rules that the students are to follow. I find it beneficial to have the children help in creating these classroom rules. It makes them feel as though they are involved and are more likely to follow them if they helped to create them. These classroom rules should be in the format of "do" instead of "do not." An example of this would be:

Do: Walk in the classroom.

Do Not: Do not run in the classroom.

By using the "do" format, children react in a positive manner, verses a negative manner to the "do not" format. By having these rules, the children understand that there are consequences to any type of disruptive or not appropriate behavior (1). It is also important for children or students to understand what is expected from them. It is also important for students to understand that there is an open line of communication between the teacher and them. If there are ever any problems that students may need to discuss about ...

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This solutions discusses three factors that relate to an effective learning environment in the classroom, a factor that can work against an effective learning environment, and how educational psychology can help the learning environment.