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    Dirty bombs, chemical, biological, and nuclear bombs

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    1.) Explain the difference between a dirty bomb and bio-chemical bombs. What is the difference between a dirty bomb and a nuclear bomb? Why would a terrorist choose one type of bomb over the other? (200 Words)

    2.) Discuss the potential for a terrorist attack, using chemical, biological or radiation weapons and how those weapons might be deployed in the United States. Also consider soft targets both governmental and private. (200 Words)

    3.) Discuss the threat to the Homeland from biological warfare and how prepared do you consider the U.S. is to handle such an attack. (200 Words)

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    1. Dirty bombs are bombs that use conventional weapons as delivery for radiological materials. Despite the radiological materials, the conventional weapon creates the blast concussion that kills and maims people. The radiological material may sicken some, but it seldom lethal or even the cause of severe injury, even over long term. It is more of a psychological weapon in terms of the use of active materials, creating fear and concern rather than actual death and injury away from the blast sight. However, the nuclear bomb is a danger to areas where the blast is and areas beyond. It is fission bomb and it creates heat and blast, killing people in a larger area than a conventional bomb will. Lastly, the bio-chemical bomb is dangerous and the level of danger is based on the type of chemical used. Some chemicals are used specifically to kill or sicken a population. In others, chemicals can be used to make the land unusable, kill ...

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    An overview of the dirty bomb, bio-chemical, and nuclear bombs. Descriptions, potential uses, potential for use in the U.S.,and ease of delivery are discussed.