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    Terrorist Attack on the USS Cole

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    Discuss the possible operational actions that could have taken place on board the USS COLE . How would you implement the four phases of disaster response? What actions would have you taken to avoid the terrorist attack? What might have happened if a process were not in place?

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    What I normally do for questions like this is throw out ideas, sources and concepts.
    You could build upon them, use some, reject others.
    Of course, I can't answer every question directly, but I think you'll see that I went above and beyond here.

    I only use solid sources that are either scholarly or part of an organization such as a think tank.

    According to Global Security, "A U.S. Navy investigation found that the ship's officers and crew failed to take a number of security measures that would have possibly prevented the attack. At the time, Yemen was rated at a "high" threat level, the fourth-highest of a five-level threat alert system."

    So clearly, the issue here is an important one.

    Here's the results of the Naval investigation of the Cole incident (this is THE essential document).

    Start with page 8.

    Given what the Navy reports, here's a solid way to begin to answer these questions:

    First of all, since the ship had been in low-risk areas for a long time, it might have been wise to perform regular drills concerning non-conventional attacks, since of course, they knew they were going near Yemen where the threat level was officially on high (16).

    Officially, the "measures" here are termed "Force Protection" measures. The crew were trained in all facets of this. While there ...

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    The terrorist attacks on the USS Cole are examined. What happened if a process were not in place are determined.