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    Terrorism, Responsibilities, Current Outcomes

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    Please help me so I can finish the following:

    Write a two-three page double spaced document about international terrorism and how it influences our lives and policy. Are we dealing with the threat properly, utilizing all of our resources properly, identifying threats and neutralizing them.

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    I am providing you an outline of sorts with enough information to go in several different ways. I have provided some citations of places where you can gather reference materials for support as well. I hope this helps.

    The threat of terrorism is very real and it invades even the previously untouched. From the major capitalistic countries in the European Union (Great Britain, Spain), Japan, and the United States, to countries that often suffer such acts such as Saudi Arabia, India, and Columbia, terrorism is found everywhere. In the United States, it was a rude awakening when twice in less than ten years, there were two attacks on our homeland.
    We have in place, some of the most technologically advanced methods of identifying and capturing terrorists. We have plans in place to deal with threats. We have poured money into the process of identification and protection, created a whole new cabinet department.
    Airports are the major areas where improvements have been focused, made, and failed. Methods of passenger ticketing and boarding have been changed leaving long lines and some embarrassing moments. As technology has allowed for ticketless travel, the additional ...

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    A discussion on terrorism and how it has changed the ideas, policies, and lives of people. The discussion includes what is working, what is not working, and why some of the policies are wrong.