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The Importance of Intelligence Gathering and Analysis

What connotes and intelligence "success" or "failure?" Explain why and cite examples of each.
What role does (and should) "politics" play in intelligence collection and analysis?
What social, political, and economic factors affect response to a local disaster? Cite examples of Federal policies that either help or hinder local disaster response and recovery.

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Intelligence success or failure can usually be analyzed by the results of the activities that take place based on the intelligence that is provided. In essence, it is deemed a intelligent success when the mission or task that is executed based on the intelligence information that was provided to an agency or organization, leads to a successful completion of that mission or task, and produces a favorable outcome in line with the goals and aims of that agency or organization. An intelligence failure is usually deemed as such, based on the unfavorable outcome of the mission or task that an organization carries out based on the intelligence information that was provided. Intelligence information either leads to the successful achievement of an organization's aims, or is the catalyst for the failure of the achievement of such aims, which is the proper reason and criteria for determining what connotes an intelligence success or failure.

A striking example of an intelligence failure, is the failed attempt to rescue American POWs in Vietnam during the late 1960s by special operations forces. When these forces arrived at the prisoner of war camp in question, the prisoners had ...