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Defense Strategies and Policy

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What is NATO? Why is it important?
The U.S. has never adopted clear policy guidelines for the use of military force. In your view, why has this decision been made?
What are the key components of the USA Patriot Act? Why does the Act generate concerns between liberty and security?
The war on terrorism has added directly to the responsibilities of the military. How does this war promote national security?

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NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and is an organization that includes the United States and a number Western European nations including Great Britain, Germany, France, etc. This organization is very important due to the fact that it helps to ensure the protection of the member nations from enemy attack or invasion through the unification of the combined most powerful military and economic forces in the world. The power that this organization encompasses helps to maintain peace and stability throughout this region and ...

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Major Corporations Government Agencies

Most major corporations, as well as government agencies, have an online presence for organizational and product information, marketing, sales, communication, and customer loyalty. Balancing effective marketing, sales, and communication with security is a major challenge. An organization's Web site also has a privacy/security policy and uses programs tools designed to protect those who visit the site and put in their information. However, numerous accounts of minor to serious security breaches are reported each year.
Select a major corporation that markets and sells through its Web site and which has experienced a security breach in the past three years.
1. Describe and evaluate a major corporation's Website in these four areas: (1) product information, (2) corporation's contact information, (3) customization of products for customers, and (4) customer information at purchase.
2. Describe and evaluate three (3) of the corporation's Internet marketing strategies and the competitive advantages its Website provides.
3. Analyze and evaluate the corporation's privacy / security policy and the corporation's response to the security breach.
4. Recommend and provide rationale for two (2) methods and/or tools to ensure greater security for customers.
5. Use a minimum of three (3) quality external resources from the last three (3) years to support the content of the paper.

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