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James Madison, Ferderalist 10 & 51

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1) Brief Summaries, main points.
2) Tone, Rhetorical, Irony?

http://www.constitution.org/fed/federa10.htm &


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Federal 5.1

While the paper makes excellent sense, in reality and in modern times, we see how this is difficult to attain. The papers call for independence between the departments of government. Dependence in hiring, naming to office, choosing should be done by people who are independent of the appointment.

One of the main goals of government and separation of powers is to protect the people from the government. Because governments are run by men, there are inevitable going to be issues and difficulties. In a single republic, the power belongs to the government, even when it is government of the people. The U.S. is a not a single republic. It has different and distinct departments and governments. In each portion of the government is then further divided. This means each governs itself and each other.

As important is the fact the government has an obligation to secure the people in the society from injustice at the hands of another group within the society. This ...

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