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    Half-Wavelength, etc.

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    1. Calculate the number of half-wavelengths in a ruby laser operating at a wavelength of 694.3 nm in air, given that the ruby rod, silvered on the ends, is exactly 10.0 cm long. The index of refraction of ruby is 1.69

    a. 4.97 billion
    b. 9.94 billion
    c. 2.49 billion
    d. 1.00 billion

    2. What is the energy of the photons in the light from a diode laser at 650 nm? Give your answer in eV

    a. 0.96 eV
    b. 1.91 eV
    c. 3.82 eV
    d. 0.63 eV

    3. The helium-neon laser has a line with a wavelength of 543 nm. What is the energy, in electron volts, of photons at that wavelength? What color is the light?

    a. 1.18 eV, infra-red
    b. 2.28 eV, green
    c. 4.56 eV, ultraviolet
    d. 1.96 eV, orange

    4. An interference pattern produces fringes with a visibility of 0.40. What is the ratio of I(max)/(min) for this pattern?

    a. 0.40
    b. 0.60
    c. 2.3
    d. 1.0

    5. In making a particular hologram, the maximum angle between the reference and the object beams is 34 deg. what is the minimum resolution required for the holographic film if the wavelength used is 693.4 nm?

    a. 806 lines/mm
    b. 100 lines/mm
    c. 420 lines/mm
    d. 621 lines/mm

    6. Radiation from the sun has its maximum intensity at a wavelength of 475 nm. Compute the temperature of the sun using Wiens law.

    a. 5100 K
    b. 6100 K
    c. 3800 K
    d. 7200 K

    7. White light passes through a cyan filter, which is, in turn, followed by a second filter. What color emerges if the second filter is a) yellow b) magenta c) blue d) green

    a. a) green b) blue c) blue d) green
    b. a) yellow b) black c) black d) black
    c. a) yellow b) yellow c) yellow d) yellow
    d. a) blue b) green c) green d) blue

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