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Hypothesis, Literature review, research design

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Part 1

For this assignment, use the same hypothesis and the Literature Review from your IP1 (Part 2) assignment and compose a theoretical framework (Step 4 of the Sekaran process). Use the components of a theoretical framework described in the Sekaran textbook as well as the examples contained in the textbook and in published research. Additionally, use sources available on the web, the library, and from the textbook to support your arguments. Remember to include these sources in the references section of your paper.

Part 2

Using figure 6.2 of Sekaran as a guideline, write a Scientific Research Design (Step 6) appropriate for the hypothesis and the Literature Review from the IP1 and the theoretical framework you have prepared for Part 1 of this IP2. Include the type of investigation needed, the study setting, the unit of analysis, and your recommended time horizon for the study. Also offer your assessment on the extent of 'researcher interference' (pp. 127-129) and any ethical considerations that may arise from the research design you are proposing.

Part 3

Think about the business decision you discussed in Unit 1's Discussion Board. Your supervisor had asked that you expand on your self-evaluation by identifying at least two judgment issues that you had to address. Write a memo to your supervisor describing these issues. Explain how you addressed them and the degree to which your decision was based on expedience and/or reflection. Potential issues include: bias, or ethical issues related to the availability heuristic, bias related to the representative heuristic, bias related to anchoring and adjustment, avoiding uncertainty, framing effects, positive illusions, egocentrism, and regret avoidance.

Your assignment should consist of an abstract, a short introduction, and conclusion in addition to the body of the paper using MS Word 2007.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2989 words with references.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2989 words with references.

//The paper is about the theoretical framework on the effect of outsourcing on leaders and employee commitment. Outsourcing has resulted in hiring of selected persons from outside, so that the organization can work efficiently. The purpose of the study is also mentioned.//


This section is the analysis of the judgments that determined in taking the business decision of small car manufacturing. The judgments are explained on the basis of various inferences or other decisive variables which led to this business decision. Here, these variables are explained under the light of current market and environmental conditions and the results that the management has drawn and implemented to carry and materialize the business decision.

Part 1

Theoretical framework

In the theoretical frame work firstly, it is defined what is outsourcing and the reasons for outsourcing. Secondly, the purpose of the research is to study about the effects of outsourcing on the leadership performance and the employment commitment. Then, the variables used are defined briefly. Human resource outsourcing is one of the strategies, which are increasingly being used by organizations, to make their work most effective and flexible. The work is outsourced to the skilled labor of the particular work that has to done. It has been explained by some authors that HR outsourcing is seen as an opportunity for the HR function by some and as a threat by others, in the first part.

Reasons for outsourcing

A particularly strong reason to outsource involves a shortage of a critical resource. This can be available to employees that possess knowledge in a certain area, availability of material and a labor force at a level and price that will offset the cost of higher prices alternatives. Some necessary, but peripheral operations are outsourced most frequently. This gives the managers, the ability to concentrate on the core business issues instead of getting distracted by required, yet minor matters. The prices of labor or materials keep increasing and competition keeps forcing prices lower. An outsourcing contract could provide the flexibility needed to stabilize these varying demands. For e.g. an industry brings in extra accountants during the tax period and when being audited by the holding company that owns the business (Taplin, 2007).

//In this section we will discuss about the Impact of outsourcing on leadership performance and employee commitment//

The outsourcing does not have a direct influence on HR department staff and its size, but it surely has some changes, on the other hand, HR professionals supposed it as having an impact on decreases in HR department range. Almost one-half points towards that outsourcing has decreased job opportunities for HR professionals, while some reports that it had no impact. A few of HR professionals professed an increase in job opportunities as a result of outsourcing. Although about one-half of HR professionals expressed that outsourcing has led to decreased HR job opportunities. From an organizational point of view, the research suggests that the presence of contract labor could have negative impact on regular employees, as they have severe insecurities of job and it adversely affects their performance. And from the organizational point of view the contracted employees are worried because the organizations are not permanently committed to them (Benson, 1999).

Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to examine the effects of Human Resource outsourcing by the organization, on the leadership performance and employee commitment. The view considers HR outsourcing mechanism, as a cost-cutting instrument steadily reducing HR staff. The purpose of this study is to examine whether HR outsourcing has a negative or positive impact on employees.

//In this section the variables are identified and described, and their use is summarized. There are two types of variables dependent and independent and a conclusion of the study//

Variables Identified

Dependent Variable

Use of HR Outsourcing: HR analytics and professionals access to combine HR information Data warehouse design and execution and also making performance metrics and benchmarking. Some of the HR generalist activities are performance appraisal.

Use of HR outsourcing incorporates the activities like Payroll, Recruitment, Training and Other HR activities.


Outsourcing is the use of outer resources to perform activities conventionally handled by internal staff and resources. The companies use contractors for very precise types of work or to level out variations in their workload. Nevertheless, subcontracting differs from outsourcing in that subcontracting is intended to temporarily supplement resources, while outsourcing involves the restructuring of business activities on a more permanent basis (Quinn, Hilmer, ...

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